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School of gold and coin makingtraining, manufacturing and designAhvaz

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Gold design and ideation by hand

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School of making and designing gold and coin jewelry – Ahvaz

What is the face-to-face course of designing and making jewelry with gold and silver metals at Sekke School of Gold and Jewelry, taught by a math professor located in Ahvaz ?

.As a gold and jewelry and metal arts intern, you will work with gold and silver metal in a practical and professional way at the coin school

.We help you nurture your unique inner creativity as you prepare to join one of the most exciting and innovative careers on the market today

In this field, you will learn techniques that range from classic, basic and traditional jewelry skills to the latest in the world

By passing each of the face-to-face courses at Seka School, the trainee prepares himself for a wide range of technical skills and creating a business sense for many job opportunities

By passing the course and passing the exams and getting a valid certificate, you will be prepared to make and sell gold and jewelry, as well as to participate in the labor market of various metal handicrafts that are available

School of making and designing gold and coin jewelry - Ahvaz

Making jewelry with all kinds of metals such as silver – School of gold and coin jewelry making

We will teach you all kinds of basic goldsmithing techniques, including melting precious metals such as gold , silver , brass , copper , rolling them, welding, sawing, dome making, and dolatab making at the school of gold and coin jewelry

In this course, you will learn how to make different types of chains, how to set different types of stones with different cuts, how to make different types of rings with men’s and women’s models, how to make bangles and different models of daily bracelets

Turn your inner love and creativity into works of art into a career

Use a variety of basic and advanced techniques in making jewelry

Learn about the types of quality metals and their combination with suitable precious and semi-precious stones for successful results

Cultivate your inner creativity and artistry as you create new and beautiful jewelry to become a gold, silver, and jewelry maker

Making jewelry with all kinds of metals such as silver - School of gold and coin jewelry making

Selling gold and jewelry in Ahvaz

The early history of gold jewelry goes back centuries

Gold jewelry has a complete history and is completely timeless in terms of style

From gold rings to chains and all kinds of jewelry made with this precious metal

Gold metal is one of the most widely used and durable types of metal in making jewelry that you can buy or invest in

Gold is one of the best metals for making jewelry today

The use of gold jewelry has been used for years due to its durability and endless value throughout history

Its use in a wide range of different cultures conveys the message that its style and use has experienced many changes and transformations over the centuries

In addition to the historical value, there are many other features in Talajat that make it an excellent gem for making any kind of beautiful and magnificent jewelry

Gold has the least chemical reaction among all metals

It does not react with atmospheric moisture or oxygen, so the possibility of rusting or changes in its color is low 

The malleability of gold allows it to be molded into different shapes and designs

The resale value of gold in the market also makes it one of the best investments today

What items and trainings does sales include

Training gold selling courses is a must for those who want to enter this field

In the first important step, having a certificate of selling gold is one of the requirements of the gold sellers union

In this training course, the coin school teaches the trainees the characteristics of a gold seller and its showcase

Also, security tips in this job, such as gausandaq, terminology in goldsmithing, calculation formulas in the field of gold, and many other

chapters that you will be trained in professionally

Classic design and ideation of gold and silver and jewelry by

hands, introductory and advanced course

What is the face-to-face course of gold, silver and jewelry design and creation by hand and in a classic way at the gold and jewelry school

First, let’s know a little about the traditional and classic history of handmade gold in the world

Jewels with precious metals have remained among humans for thousands of years

Today, they are as popular as they were in the past, and they are valued and cherished all over the world

The variety that has been created in different jewelry over the centuries is amazing

Handmade jewelry has always been unique and has had a special place in different societies and cultures throughout history

What makes them so loved

Today, the popularity and value of handmade jewelry is constantly increasing

Many people understand and respect the fact that this work and expertise is not just an ordinary art

We know that handmade jewelry cannot be mass produced with the help of machines

Each piece is designed, carved, soldered and made by human hands

Handicrafts and works that are created with classic and traditional jewelry tools all embody and show the individual creativity of a person who is the creator of it

Most jewelry crafts are done by skilled people and using the artist’s inner creativity and inspiration

Many other factors highlight the importance and love associated with handcrafting

Classic jewelry design is one of the practical methods in design

In this course, we first learn the ideation process

We implement the design and ideas on paper and build it according to the principles

The classic design of handmade jewelry provides you with the opportunity to flourish your talents and creative artistic ideas

Design with matrix (MATRIX) (introductory and advanced course)

In this training course, you will learn how to design jewelry using MATRIX software

In this course, you will learn the skills needed to become a designer

Participating in this face-to-face course will help you turn your designs into 3D models

Acquiring this skill will help you draw and create your creativity and art in the real world

There are skills that can influence employers and customers

Here you will learn the basics

If you have no experience in the field of jewelry or modeling, there is nothing to worry about

In this course, you will learn the techniques you need to create 3D jewelry models

Matrix software is currently the best and strongest jewelry design software in the world

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